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Next Bogliasco application deadline: May 1!
Start getting your materials and rec letters in order, kids…
Link to application details here.

Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded to qualified persons working in the various disciplines of the Arts and Humanities without regard to nationality, age, race, or gender.

To be eligible for the award of a Fellowship, applicants should demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their age and experience. The Foundation gives preference to persons whose applications suggest that they would be comfortable working in an intimate, international, multi-lingual community of scholars and artists. Beginning with Fellowships during 2010-2011, the Bogliasco Foundation will accept only applications submitted online.

The following materials are required of all candidates for Fellowships. The written documents may be submitted in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

(1) The completed application form.
(2) A short-form curriculum vitae, three pages in length.
(3) A description, one page in length, of the project that the applicant would pursue during her/his stay at the Liguria Study Center.
(4) Three letters of reference, which must be sent to the Foundation under separate cover.
(5) A sample of the applicant’s work that has been published, performed, exhibited, or otherwise publicly presented during the last five years.

There are certain practical issues that may influence the granting or scheduling of a Fellowship:

Reapplications: Persons who have previously been awarded Bogliasco Fellowships are eligible to reapply for subsequent Fellowships, but only after a period of three years has elapsed. For example, Bogliasco Fellows who were in residence during the winter-spring 2008 semester are eligible to reapply for winter-spring 2011.

Practical Restrictions: Before preparing an application you should consult with an officer of the Foundation ( if you or your spouse/companion have either of the following:

— food allergies or other dietary restrictions (woff-warning: vegans will not do well here)
— problems walking up and down stairs or steep inclines. (they aren’t kidding. there are a lot of stairs)

If you decide to submit an application for a Bogliasco Fellowship, and have questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation office. Questions sent via email are preferred.

Next deadline for the submission of applications: May 1, 2010, for the winter-spring semester beginning in February 2011.

Notification date for the award of Fellowships: July 1, 2010 for Fellowships during the winter-spring semester beginning in February 2011.

Again, link to application details here.

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