fait accompli

Well, it’s official: I will no longer have to write about events and drama leading up to graduation. Done: Alicia, Bill, Lindsay, Kara, Joe, Ali and I are graduated!



The commencement ceremony was sweet: Joe gave the MFA speech, which was a hands-down hit. Will Rogan and Jonn Herschend, who graduated from the program last year, received special Founders Awards, and so experienced a sort of encore graduation. Will and Jonn were on stage, right in front of me and Joe, and so my camera somehow ended up in Will’s hands:


McKay and Wofford: a Will Rogan moment ™


Herschend and hand of Radley: a Will Rogan moment ™

I’m still sorting out some pics and thoughts about the MFA Exhibition, but for now, I’m just so relieved and happy to be done. I concluded my Berkeley experience far more gracefully than I could have imagined a year ago when I was still wailing and flailing, so I’m just grateful to have this all wind down on a high note. So, without further ado, whew! And yahoo!

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