Sufferation at Thirtynine Hotel

It’s beyond ridiculous how busy it is right now. No real surprise, but still.

In the midst of this past week’s Wofford nuttiness, I totally forgot that Sufferation, another group show that I’m in, opened yesterday in Hawaii. My friend Theo texted me from the opening to say congrats, at which point, duh-er, I remembered.


I guess that after the drama with the lost nurse drawings, and then the scramble to re-execute and re-send new ones, on top of finishing Woffords, Paint, on top of my MFA Final Review, on top of having to write an emergency last-minute syllabus proposal for a class that I might teach, on top of trying to finish more work for the MFA Thesis Show, on top of still trying to stay involved with a Berkeley Working Group, teach Worlds In Collision, keep up with readings for another class, host another big Galleon Trade meeting, and now prepare for a job interview (!!) for a another prof job, I, uh, decided to pack the nurses off mentally as well as physically once FedEx took charge of them. Whew.

So. Below are the nurses now kicking it in a Honolulu gallery.
Would that I were there with them, myself…


Sinking Nurse, 2006

Waiting Nurse II, 2007


Toreador Nurse II, 2007

Sufferation: Notes on Compassion and Suffering
curated by Trisha Lagaso Goldberg
May 4- June 16, 2007
thirtynine hotel
39 N. Hotel Street
Honolulu, HI

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