The year in review! OK, the past few months, anyway. Still have some leftovers to address here before a fresher batch of woffles can be served. While I haven’t been doing my usual writing about shows I’ve been in, this is not because I haven’t been showing in the past few months. I guess that I still equate the palpable “real-ness” of an exhibition with my ability to actually attend the exhibition’s opening reception, or see the show in person. Very quaintly analog of me.

Fight, No Flight at Manilatown Center, San Francisco

How perfect is it that I got to show some of the “Flor 1973-78” prints at the legendary International Hotel? Especially the poster below”¦I also had the pleasure of meeting my co-show-ers (is that a word?) Diana Diroy and Aisha Heredia in advance of the exhibition, which was still a treat.

This & That, Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco

Christine Wong Yap organized/curated an exhibition-within-an-exhibition for “Socially, Involved”, where she created an amazing international mail-art exchange project. I swear. That woman runs circles around me when it comes to being organized and thinking big. Anyway, I contributed the drawing below:

And then received this brilliant piece by Susan Chen after the exhibition ended:

Art On Market Street, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek

Finally! My parents went to an opening of mine without having to drive more than 10 minutes from home! This was a selection of posters from SFAC’s Market Street program over the past decade or so. The gallery couldn’t include everyone who participated, so I’m grateful to have been included. While the MOB‘s 1998 posters weren’t there, for example, my 2008 Flor posters were. SFAC reprinted a few of them, and hung them quite close to the entrance of the gallery, which was nice to hear.

Stick With the Enemy, Mo_Space, Manila

MM Yu, Poklong Anading and some of my other friends there organized a very democratic, open-invitation exhibition of sticker-based art. I sent in a few original drawings and paintings made directly on adhesive label sheets, and MM then made some of them into printed stickers from files I sent her. The top image was actually 4 stickers: I cleaned up the seams so that MM could print this one more easily. The pink-ish image at the throat is a silhouette of the Czech Republic.

As The Plot Thickens, Manila Contemporary, Makati, Philippines

It was a little touch-and-go with this show due to some shipping logistics, and I wasn’t entirely sure that it was going to happen until pretty close to the wire, but I’m so glad it did. Manila Contemporary is a gorgeous new venue, and Sidd Perez, the curator, was so fantastic and diligent. The show really came together beautifully in the end. It was an honor to get to show with Brenda Fajardo, RM de Leon, and Stefanus Surya Wirawan. I presented 5 new paintings from my new “MacArthur Nurse” series.
MN pushing
pearl det
as the plot tickens 015

So that’s it for the 2nd half of 2009…I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes up in 2010.
The great Samantha Chanse is coming to Prague in January, which seems like a great creative kick-off to the year. We’re both already conspiring on a collaborative piece we’ll do while she’s in town. No other major shows officially confirmed yet, but I’m really looking forward to the artist residency I’m undertaking at the Liguria Study Center in Italy in Feb-March, where I’ll be focusing on a new body of work: a teaser sketch for the impending ridiculousness here:

Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Let us go and make our visit.

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