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In light of the progress Camille and I have been making on our magnum opus, I entertained myself with googling “Wofford genealogy” the other day. I think I figured out a simplified family history for the Woffords, which clarifies some stuff I’d heard rumors about from relatives on Dad’s side of the family. Oh: for those of you who didn’t know, we’re half-breeds. Sort of like in that Cher song, but different. Filipino and white man. And we Wofford half-breeds are indeed distantly related to the founder of Wofford College, making our hoodies family heirlooms! Indeed, sort of.

The first Wofford to jump the pond was William Wofford, in 1620.
William had one son, another William Wofford.
William Wofford II was dad to
John Wofford, one of whose many siblings was Absalom Wofford. Absalom Wofford was Benjamin Wofford’s father. Benjamin Wofford founded Wofford College (or at least, left a chunk of money behind that caused a namesake college and its hooded sweatshirts to happen.)

But back to John Wofford.
John Wofford (1740-1809) was dad to
William Lafayette Wofford (1778-1845) who was dad to
William Doctor Wofford (1813-1880) who was dad to
Doctor David Wofford (1852-1890) who was dad to
Chester Wofford who was dad to
David Wofford who was dad to
Alan David Wofford who is dad to
Woffords, Paint.

With two feminist daughters, and no more male Woffords on this line of the family, the name dies with us.
Or lives on, in artistic infamy!

Oh, BTW: Mom’s family name, Magboo (which also has great comic potential), is a Tagalog word meaning “creator”, or “maker”. Twist wrist, raise pinky finger to lower lip, raise right eyebrow, now.

Woffords, Paint
video and painting
on exhibit in Post I.D.
May 3-26
opening reception May 3, 5-8 pm
SomArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan, San Francisco

(And for those of you who are dying to know, I did in fact made a pilgrimage to the actual Wofford College in 2002, and pretty much went apeshit on the merch. I still call the school store periodically, trawling for more swag. It’s always fun when I give them the name on my credit card.)

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