Oh, and by the way

my Friday MFA Final Review went really, really well. Thanks for asking.

I stayed up until about 4 am the night before (had to be up and out the door at 8 am), but managed to be reasonably lucid for the ordeal. Which, as it turns out, was not an ordeal at all. It was strangely, suspiciously pleasant: there were 7 professors in my RFS Studio, saying really thoughtful, encouraging things! Who knew?


The conversation focused almost entirely on the work I’ve been making for Fer*ma*ta, namely, the umpteen little paintings I’ve begun posting samples of recently. Criticism was minimal, and if anything, absolutely on point, and just incredibly helpful for me in this final stretch of tuning the work up. While I’m still not likely to get too much rest in the next couple of weeks, it is just the HUGEST relief to have this sword of Damocles set off to the side, at long last! Yahoo!

The rest of Friday and Saturday were a bit of a blur: Lindsay and I took Allan De Souza, one of our MFA Committee profs, out to lunch after our reviews, and then I went home and passed out from sheer exhaustion for the afternoon. Saturday was mostly spent recuperating, until the evening’s SoEx Marks The Spot auction event, followed by some general drinking and dancing and blowing off of steam with friends after that!

I left SF early Sunday morning, and a freeway fell down behind me at some point. And now the work week is upon us, and I’m glad I live in West Oakland and have a motorcycle, and will (despite the many challenges West Oakland has to offer at times) be very smug about having one of the most convenient East Bay commutes home in the months to come, and I’m glad my review is done!

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