Ah, Vienna.

This is what the seat of Empire can look like!

Flatscreen TVs in the Cathedrals!

Ferris Wheel cars the size of single-wide trailers!

Disturbingly dazzlingly deep-fried dough-wrapped hotdogs!

All this culture and opulence, less than 2 hours from Brno…









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3 Responses to “Wiener-iffic”

  1. John M Says:

    How did you make everything look so fake? What’s that on the cathedral? Giant decals? Way to turn up the artifice setting!

  2. admin Says:

    We are liiiving in a postmodern simulacra-like world, and I am a postmodern simulacra-like girl!

    St Stephan’s Cathedral is undergoing some sort of major cleaning. Since it’s like the linchpin that holds Vienna’s tourism industry together, some enterprising Austrians decided to give the parts of the church undergoing cleaning a sort of second skin, to make sure the tourists still have something to look at. Crazy, right? And I didn’t even post the adjacent massive billboard of Gisele Bundchen in a bikini that almost dwarfs the church!

  3. Tofu-silog Says:

    I love the cafe and the window in the BG framing the different kinds of architecture… How are you eating cheez balls & fried hot dogs & not 300 lbs? ;)

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