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The brain parasite has started kicking in again, making it very hard to work in the studio without getting cranky, bored, antsy, or just plain old anxious. I’ve heard legends about these enchanted artists who drift into their studios, and blithely enter a dream-state in which reality is blocked out, and creation occurs, unimpeded. It is certain that this enchantment escaped me: I honestly think I’d be willing to make more art if I didn’t brood the whole time I’m in the studio. It’s as if the minute I start getting into production-mode, I am trapped on a giant, rotating mental hamster-wheel of brooding, saturnine, curmudgeonliness that I can’t get off of: anything I can worry about, or get cranky about, takes over my brain. And it never has anything to do with the art I’m working on, either! It’s not like this is an angsty, I hate my art, I hate myself, thing. It’s more of a Walter Matthau, Grumpy Old Men, thing. I become a grumpy old man.

Solution: This American Life. Since, as is my pattern, I only very recently got the memo about This American Life, I’m yet again making up for lost time. I have discovered the TAL Archive, and am presently working my way through TEN YEARS worth of free, archived episodes online that I can listen to while I’m working, keeping my brain busy while my hands tend to their business. For the moment, I’m saved. When I run out of episodes, though, I’ll be open to suggestions.

I’ve listened to tons already, but here are a few faves that I got to this week:

The Cruelty of Children
My Pen Pal

And here are a couple of the things I’ve been working on this week:



So maybe something’s still kind of funny with my brain.

In any case, these are just a few of the interlinked images that I’m working on. Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out.

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