Misleading, perhaps. There is neither fried rice*, nor fried egg*, but if there were, we would need a LOT of both to serve alongside this enormous, cuddly, walking hot dog** that appeared, like a vision of the Madonna herself, outside the door to our USF Worlds In Collision class a few weeks ago:


Like any good omen, or harbinger of carnivorous delight, the ambulatory wiener appeared just before Mike Arcega and Lordy Rodriguez gave presentations to our class on their amazing artwork (Mike actually took this photo for us). Beyond the Jesuit glow of the University, and the presence of two gifted artists, we felt extra-blessed by this hot dog today!

Teaching college is fun. No one told me about the prevalence of walking luncheon meats as part of a university education.

*note: for those not (yet) filipino-aligned, hot/si/log is short for hotdog/sinangag (rice)/itlog (egg), aka Filipino breakfast. One may substitute “hot-” for any number of other complementary breakfast meats, such as tap- (beef tapa), bang- (bangus/fish), ad- (adobo), long- (longanisa sausage), or, of course, chick-(chicken) silog.

**The Vision of the Saintly Wiener came to us from an earthly source, as it turns out: the cool, relatively new San Francisco art space Frankenart Mart, which has some serious marketing geniuses working with them. Also, they’re friends with my friend and fellow UC grad, Kara, which immediately makes them even cooler.

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