Renee Gertler at blankspace gallery=yes!
Arteri Malaysia=yes!
SoEx‘s impending new digs=yes!
Tekniq at Marx & Zavattero=yes!
Woffords Paint in Guangzhou=yes!

Ooh, that’s a lot of yessing going on.


So. First things first: if you haven’t gotten a chance to see Modality Room, Renee Gertler‘s solo show at blankspace gallery in Oakland, get on it! It’s only on until April 27.

I got turned on to Renee’s work by Christine Wong Yap a couple of years ago: it’s smart, funny, imaginative, and ethereal. And, as with much sculpture, it doesn’t translate well in photography (at least not my crappy pictures taken opening night–Renee’s pics on her website do much better). The few times I’ve been lucky enough to see Renee’s work in person, I’ve fallen in love with it.


Next on the YES list is ARTERI, a fantastic new website/blog focused almost entirely on one of my favorite combo platters: contemporary art, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia. Since some of my favorite foods are nasi lemak  and halo-halo, it would only stand to reason that this mix-mix is right up my alley, too.

My friend Simon  is one of the creators of the site, and has invited me to post something on it, so perhaps I’ll get to participate on it as well (and nooo, that’s not why I think it’s awesome. Go check it out. You’ll see for yourself. It’s like the SEAsian sister to the Bay Area’s own Stretcher).



And then there’s everyone’s favorite local/peripatetic space, Southern Exposure, staggering around the Mission from location to location these last few years. At long last, SoEx will be moving back in to permanent quarters over near the old Alabama Street ‘hood, sometime later this summer! YES. Staff and board have been working like demons to make sure that SoEx isn’t going anywhere for a long, long while, which given all the instability in the air these days, is truly comforting/delightful to hear.



And then there are the fine ladies of Tekniq, self-billed as “the Bay Area’s best almost amateur dance troupe”. Yes! I’m so one of their new groupies!  In honor of “I Want You To Want Me,” the new group show at Marx & Zavattero Gallery, the girls (Hunny-B, Spand-X, Swiz-ILL, Lunch Boxxx, and Sha Bang-Bang) put on their best faux semi-animal costumes, and broke it down for the crowd at the opening:


Heather and Steve let me hang out behind the gallery counter to shoot photo and video, since the crowd (to the left, off-camera) was pretty crushing already, but my photos don’t do their ridiculous choreographical majesty justice. I’m sure that if you join their Facebook page, there’ll be more Tekniq goodness posted there soon, though…


Lastly, a big YES to Justin Hoover for organizing “Girls On Film“, a video screening at Ping Pong Space in Guangzhou, China, this Sunday! Justin was kind/delusional enough to include Woffords, Paint in the screening. (Because that’s what Guangzhou needs to see on Easter Sunday: Woffords making jackasses of themselves, eating paint.) The screening features works by Lucy Kalyani Lin, Gina Osterloh, Margaret Tedesco, and a number of other California artists.


That’s a suspicious amount of affirmation for one post.
Maybe I should do a NONONONONO post, next.

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