State of Emergency

I have nooo idea what state my brain will be in by the afternoon of April 26 (given my final MFA Review earlier that day), but I am sooo excited about this lecture being given at 4:00 that day, that hopefully I’ll be sentient and sober by the time of Evelyne Jouanno’s presentation:


Those are some good questions.

It’s so ironic that this presentation is happening outside of the Art Practice Department, on effectively my Art Practice Judgment Day. The subject of her lecture is precisely the kind of conversation I’d hoped to hear more of during my time in my department.

The Hou Hanru lecture on campus earlier this spring was a godsend, for similar reasons: I deeply hope that more of these conversations start deepening here in the Bay Area art community, and elsewhere. It’s long past time.

STATE OF EMERGENCY: The Place and Function of Contemporary Art in Society
A Lecture by Evelyne Jouanno
691 Barrows Hall
UC Berkeley

Barrows Hall is on the edge of campus, just off Bancroft Way between Bowditch and Telegraph.
It’s a modern-ish looking gray and blue building with hella cracks on it.
campus map:

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