light flurry

And I’m back! As predicted, things got a little hectic in the time since my last post, but all went swimmingly and smoothly: busy, yes, but not completely nutso as in the past. I could get used to this kind of low-stress efficiency! Who knew?

Barrio Fiesta is now over and done with, my show at SFMOMA Artist Gallery Loft opened, I finished my project for Deadpan Exchange IV, and completed my temporary teaching gig at DVC. And last week was Spring Break at USF, so I had less prep to do than usual, so I’m feeling pretty relaxed and pleased with how it’s all been coming together.


Finishing up crits for Advanced/Abstract Painting at DVC

Barrio Fiesta:

Barrio rehearsals (Niners jacket optional for Singkil)

Pandanggo Sa Ilaw: x-treme votive daredevils!

Kasamahan ka-selebrating after the final performance


Opening Reception at SFMOMA Artist Gallery:

Renee de Cossio at the Artist Gallery is some kind of magical angelic being. She really pulled the Villanueva Vignettes together beautifully for the gallery’s loft space! Renee and Maria Medua are truly fabulous creatures.

Woff and the Mack Daddy himself in front of Juan Carlos’ painting downstairs at SFMOMA Artist Gallery

With Fran Brown, one of my much-loved DVC professors (I was a student there way before I ever taught there!)

Searching for Skylab in front of the Flor 1973 poster with Nicole Maxali (my model) and the Kasamahan-ers who came to my opening

Deadpan Exchange:

My project for Deadpan is already up on Wofflehouse now, since most of you won’t be popping over to Izmir for the opening, I suspect. It was a really fun project, intersecting my favorite pastimes (political shoe-throwing) and places (Philippines, Mexico, China, Spain, US). And I got done early, for a change! Will wonders never cease? I wish I could be at the opening so bad, but time and finances are their own reality these days.

I’m officially addicted to Electric Works. Since I’d never made fine art prints of any sort prior to the Flor/Villanueva projects, the thrill of a new art medium is in full bloom! I feel utterly grateful to have had an excuse to get to know and to work with Maizie, Richard, Noah and all the other fine folks there.

Worlds in collision! I needed reference photos of folks hurling shoes, so during Barrio, I took shoe-hurling reference photos of my USF student Hazel B. in full costume , and then drew her into my project as a representative of precolonial Philippines.

Woff and Hazel, Barrio 2K9

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  1. Carren Says:

    Congratulations on finishing yet another whirlwind round of activity :) I’m constantly amazed at how you manage to do it :)

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Carren! I really don’t do that much–it’s just my pacing that’s its own special thing. Where a normal human might moderate this work over the course of several months, I tend to alternate cycles of utter frenzy alternating with cycles of utter slackerdom. Doesn’t work for everyone: seems to mostly work for me…but I’d probably give you a different answer in the midst of a frenzy cycle!

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