nerds and tables

What a weekend! Friday night was the artworld nerdfest that is/was Southern Exposure’s Monster Drawing Rally at the Verdi Club, and Saturday day I helped out my friend Favianna by manning her booth at the comics/gaming/fantasy nerdfest that is WonderCon. And I mean “nerd” in the most affectionate way possible, seeing as I lump myself in with this terminology, too.

Both events were a blast, but for whatever reasons, I found myself ruminating on what it means to be on either side of a desk. Maybe desks are just like metal detectors for me in terms of being similarly transferential, but there’s something funny about the divide and purpose that they suggest.

Durian on the brain at Monster Drawing Rally

Durian on the table at Monster Drawing Rally

Azn Boyzz! Lordy and K.Lo, being cute

avoiding temptation (lovely original comic-book cover ink drawings) from behind the booth at WonderCon

Sigh. A girl after my own heart at WonderCon! I’ve actually done drawings of bandaged nurses, but this attendee really brought it.

Yupyupyupyupyup nopenopenope yupyupyupyupyup

For some reason, these 3 guys made sense of it all for me. Having been a big old Sesame Street/Muppet Show fan growing up, I think that there’s something that still tickles me about the staging of many of the Muppets behind tables, ledges, and low walls. I suspect that many people behind desks are just some species of propped-up puppet, I guess. Also, I think I prefer not knowing what’s going on from the waist down with most folks, muppets or no. No, don’t read too much into that. Really.

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