Fun Home

My advisor Anne Walsh lent me her copy of Alison Bechdel‘s Fun Home, a graphic novel/memoir that came out last year. I’ve had it for some weeks now, but only just sat down to read it in earnest this weekend.

funhomecover.jpg I got up this morning, made my coffee, and decided to get back into bed and start reading a little of it again.

I couldn’t get up until I’d finished the whole thing.

It’s absolutely marvelous: one of the most satisfying reads of any sort that I’ve encountered in a really, really long time.

Having not even heard of it until Anne lent it to me (she left it in my UC mailbox, with nothing more than a post-it on the cover, saying “I love this book.”), I had no idea what a phenomenon Fun Home was: it was one of the runaway successes of 2006, hitting best-seller lists and winning awards.

Since I’ve basically just finished it a few minutes ago, I’m in no position to offer anything resembling objective analysis or critical feedback: I’m just basking in the afterglow of a great, great book.

Go get a copy. It’s amazing.

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