The Wofford has landed! I’m finally back in the Bay Area, physically and mentally (you’d think they’d align naturally, right? but no) after an extended series of ins-and-outs of town.

First, there was Christmas in Tahoe:

Wofford sisters (aka the Wofford brothers)


Not something my family’s ever done before, considering our general lack of familial enthusiasm for snow or Christmas, but with the Clam likely to be stuck working Dec 25 for the next few years as a rookie firefighter, we thought it might be nice to do something different this year, and get away somewhere new (but affordable).

Following Tahoe, it was off to Florida for New Years and early January: the Pirate’s parents had a condo we could stay at for free, and frequent flyer miles took care of the flight, and since the spring teaching term didn’t start for me until late January, it wasn’t hard to justify a free trip…With no expectations, once there, I pretty much had my mind blown by a pilgrimage to Weeki Wachee Springs, to experience their legendary mermaid show:

cracked out on mermaids

mermaids, gettin’ it crackin’
pirate, wofford, gator, photo opp

And THEN, (as addressed in previous posts) having escaped the jaws of gator-death, it was off to Manila for a couple of weeks, on a highly unexpected, but highly amazing, family-oriented trip with Nanay. (Three cheers again for the precarious but flexible employment calendar of an adjunct university instructor!)

rollin’ with the ates

various mathays

magboo/ramos/de dios clan

more mathay action

ates+metal detectors+shopping mall=highly entertained wofford

I also got to squeeze in some visits with my own much-missed crew of the usual suspects, and got to catch up, if only briefly, on what’s happening, art-wise and life-wise, in Manila.

juan, juoff, denis at LR

carlos, woff discuss cheezballs at LR

romeo, gerry, sherry, woff, lena at mag:net katipunan

gerry, rock at mag:net

yason+friend at cubao x

woff, bea, lena, denis, donna, peewee at manila contemporary

Sigh. Sooooo great.
AND, since this laggardly post has dragged on forever already, a few last highlights from the trip:

at long last, a pilgrimage to the Marikina Shoe Museum, thanks to my cousins patrick and cindy

surreptitious snap of the imelda shrine inside the shoe museum

Marikina: home of the world’s biggest shoes (real full-scale leather shoes–not a sculpture!)

Needless to say, after the exhaustion of 2008, I feel fully re-charged, and brimming with inspiration. There are several new bodies of work I’m about to embark upon, and it’s much of what’s happened in these last 6 weeks that have made this possible.

Happy Chinese New Year, by the way.

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