Flor on the 3rd floor

Well, Thursday night’s talk at Kearny Street Workshop/Space 180 was lovely: I haven’t yet reviewed the video I had running whilst the conversations were going on, but my fingers are crossed that the sound came out well, since Jay, Cathy and Dan all had such smart, enriching, dynamic things to say.


As promised, Jay broke down some fascinating Manila/Philippines Marcos-era history for the gang, Cathy had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand as she discussed Filipino nursing and immigration, and Dan rounded things out with some great details on the Filipino experience in the US and California. Prior to their words of wisdom, I did a little rambling about the genesis of the Flor project, and showed a few fun images from “the making of” production stages on the posters. We started a little late, so unfortunately, we didn’t get to dive into a longer Q & A session, but suffice to say, it seemed like folks were really engaged in the conversation, and clearly wanted to keep it going. Woohoo!

I had this funny moment, sitting in the panel, looking out at a number of familiar faces in the audience who’ve seen me through the past couple of years of my struggle to make these art projects on Filipina nurses successful. I’ve talked their ears off about the reasons and inspiration for this work I’ve done, but it was so beautiful to hear 3 people I deeply admire, talking with grace and authority about it in depth. It felt like the ultimate corroboration, and validation, of why I’ve been doing this work: that’s it’s not just something in my head, that’s it’s real, that it’s relevant. It felt like, you know, like when Big Bird finally proved to the Sesame Street gang that Mr Snuffleupagus was real. Or when Al Gore proved that ManBearPig existed. (Except not furry. And also filipina, female, and with a nursing degree.) Okay. Lest I come up with any sillier comparisons, I’ll stop there.

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