Flor in SF Weekly!

Flor got a little shout-out in the SF Weekly!
It’s in the “events” section, but hey, press is press…
This is one of the images from the “Flor 1978″ poster.
(BTW, lest anyone get confused, the project I call “Flor 1973-78” is the project that SFAC publicizes as “Flor de Manila y San Francisco“. The latter was its original working title on my proposal, which I later decided was a little long, and a little colonial. It’s still more poetic, though, so I figured, hey, there’s enough room in the world for 2 titles for 1 project…)

“Flor de Manila y San Francisco”
Flower Power
By Hiya Swanhuyser
SF Weekly
Jennifer K. Wofford’s drawings adorn streetside kiosks up and down Market Street; they are taken from her new graphic novel. “Flor de Manila y San Francisco” charts the progress and thoughts of a young woman, Flor Villanueva, as she moves from the Phillipines to the U.S. The pictures are deeply accessible and very beautiful, portraying Flor as an observant newcomer in the years between 1973 and 1978. She stands in familiar spaces (on Market Street, for example) but remembers her home as she considers the events of her time.The block-color and line-drawing images lend themselves extremely well to the poster format, reminding us, schematically, of the previous Art on Market Street series, Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert’s utopian funnies. But Wofford’s work is calmer and more personal, while still incorporating a little kitsch: one of the posters finds Flor scanning the sky, thinking about Skylab.

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