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Long. Exhale.
And now, back to woffling somewhat more consistently. And also randomly.

Well, the Market Street posters are up, Galleon Trade BAN 5 is doing its thing, and I’m settling into the school year. It’s been such a treat to finally dispatch the last of this round of 2008′s hyperactive artistic mania! Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way this year, but too much, all at the same time, does not a healthy Wofford make. The analogy that seems to apply best is: you know when you have too many programs running on your computer at the same time? And how, you know, even if you’re not technically using them all simultaneously, they’re still open, and they just bog down your computer unbelievably? It’s been like that.


So. As of mid-September, I’ve shut most of theĀ  programs down, and it’s officially time to reflect and re-energize. I’m loving getting to finally feel focused on my teaching, and I’m really enjoying connecting with my students more. And I’m loving finally having time to just catch up with friends and family, see movies, get some exercise, even cook actual food in my actual home. (Well…for as long as I still have a home, although given how slow the market is, I probably won’t be moving any minute soon.) Basic stuff, all flung to the wayside whilst busy.

Lesson for 2008: a little recreational art-opp-juggling is fine from time-to-time, but if you OD, the party’s over. I got invited to do a lot of awesome stuff, from exhibitions to teaching opportunities, but too much of it happened all at the same time, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and strung out at too many moments. There are some artists who thrive on constant busy-ness: I’m actually not one of them, contrary to popular opinion. I do love the rush of work and deadlines, but really, one deadline at a time from hereon out is fine. At various points this year, I’ve had multiple deadlines overlapping, all while teaching, too. (And teaching 3 different classes at 3 different campuses, mind you). I think that any of us who choose the life of a working artist is choosing to do a little juggling, but really, more than 3 bowling pins is just overkill, n’est-ce pas?

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