Monster Drawing Rally 2007!

Southern Exposure’s annual Monster Drawing Rally is coming up again!

The mighty women of SoEx bestowed upon yours truly the honor of drawing this year’s postcard:

Monster Drawing Rally Postcard 2006

Monster Drawing Rally 2007 postcard

I had a ball doing it. It took a minute to decide on a theme: I liked the idea of making an image that reflected the anxiety levels of participating artists (it’s incredibly nerve-wracking, drawing while people watch you), while still celebrating the fabulous event that is the Monster Drawing Rally.

Having just recently seen ‘Casino Royale,’ I started thinking about how funny it is that utterly sedentary activities like card-playing and drawing can somehow become such action-packed spectacles. Based on that correlative logic, the only thing that made sense to do, then, was devise an utterly glamorous casino-like scene, with the key players engaged in a battle of wits, but…making crappy drawings. It wasn’t until I was almost done that I noticed that this year is a “007,” which just settled it.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale

The image below is from MDR 2005, when my Drawing Night compadres and I all drew in tandem: same shift, matching red outfits. You can see some people milling about behind us, watching. It gets way, way, way more crowded as the night goes on.

Team Drawing Night

monster drawing rally 2005

The image that kicked off my composition was this one, also from 2005:




MH draws like an angel everytime our group gets together, and it pisses me off to no end.

I did a few test drawings based on the shot above, radically altered the egos of those depicted to protect the innocent, then penciled and inked this version:

MDR 007 in ink

All color and text was added in Photoshop.

Come to the Monster Drawing Rally!

So you, too, can hover behind some sweaty-palmed nervous drawer, instead of living vicariously through this post!


Friday, February 23, 6-10:30 pm
Suggested Donation $5 and up
new location: VERDI CLUB
2424 Mariposa St
San Francisco CA 94110

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