wofflings, reloaded

So, having spent the past couple of weeks waffling (yes) over which blog company to continue Woffling (yes) at, my friend Max has finally put my fussy uncertainty to rest, by creating an all-wofflehouse brown-plate special.

galleon tradeI’m thrilled to be moving forward with this forum for sharing information, particularly with projects such as Galleon Trade, the California/ Mexico/Philippines show I am organizing for the Mag:net Galleries in Manila this July. Momentum and buzz is already building for this project, so I’d like to be able to share updates publicly, quickly and dynamically.

There’s also my upcoming UC Berkeley MFA Thesis Show at the Berkeley Art Museum this May. Outside of the Galleon Trade project, I’m also busy preparing my own studio work for thisgalleon trade show. Since this is also some kind of big deal, I will try to share some thoughts about the process, to degrees. It looks like I will be showing paintings, of all ungodly things, and given my general curmudgeonliness vis-a-vis this most conventional and commodified art form, I’ve recently had to concede that it actually serves my conceptual and narrrative purposes better than anything else at present. (And I’m actually enjoying painting, at that. Go figure.)

So that’s it, in a nutshell. The compulsion to share too much, too publicly has become something of a national disorder, so I’ll try to keep Wofflings engaging and entertaining, but not too confessional. Much of this writing will be about arts-related items that I care about or am involved in, but you may be subjected to occasional ramblings and gratuitous photos about other interests (my obsessions with Longs Drugs, the Madonna Inn, cockroaches, etc).

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