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Monday, December 27th, 2010

Preface to these 12 posts, here.

May was more about hosting and roosting, sort of. I was finally something like busy with design and illustration work, but still home alone a lot, which was miserable. But! The great SuperGavazza came to visit for a few days, and then Conn and Anděl miraculously returned to Prague on their round-the-world adventure. Neither visit was well-documented by yours truly, which is why you get Giuseppe’s backside at the Vyšehrad cemetery, and 4 people doing all 4 Chicken “dances” from Arrested Development:

It should be noted that Connal was something of a missionary for the Arrested Development television series when he and Anjel came through in November 2009, and swiftly made converts of us savages. By the time that they returned in May, we were full acolytes. If you’ve not yet heard the gospel (e.g., this photo makes no sense), we can send Connal your way.

On a totally unrelated, un-segueway-able note, another lovely thing in May was a community arts event called Blox, which Pavla invited me to. It was a great little festival situated out in one of Prague’s rougher areas, which incorporated some inventive use of shipping containers as gallery spaces, and arts and crafts activities both inside and outside for the community.

Meanwhile, on the reality front, the graphic design and illustration work had been coming in, but I finally had to come to terms with the fact that both the P and I would go crazy if I continued to be home alone all the time, so at the end of the month, I picked up an extra, exceedingly odd, part-time job. The upshot, despite its craziness? Getting to work in one of the loveliest parts of the city.


Monday, December 27th, 2010

Preface to these 12 posts, here.

Despite the fact that much of my Italian riviera reverie was funded, what little money I had still found a way to disappear there, anyway (shocking, I know!), and I despaired of getting to go anywhere again for awhile. Bu-u-t, it turned out, that the Berlin that I’d avoided for so long because I thought it would be expensive turned out not to be, so the P and I went up there around Easter, where everything I rambled about and documented here finally became irresistibly, accessibly, clear to me for the first time.

(doing my best Travolta strut somewhere in Mitte. Minivans! Shorts with socks! TV Towers! Yeah!)

Meanwhile, back in Prague, the lovely Angela invited the P and I on what was described as an “A Line Pub Crawl”, which was at times more like a scavenger hunt, as certain metro stops on Prague’s A metro line didn’t have anything resembling a pub, so as the night wore on and the crawlers thinned out or became incapacitated, it became more and more difficult to even find a venue. (We joined rather late, so we didn’t get the full brunt of the punishment). I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I do like a nice random adventure, and the evening turned out to be exactly, wonderfully, that. And again: this whole “friends” thing? Having people to do something–anything–with? It’s something to always appreciate. And I appreciate Angela for so many reasons for this. This woman is the consummate hostess/sheep-wrangler: really excellent about inviting, organizing, fun-making in many, many ways.


Monday, December 27th, 2010

Preface to these 12 posts, here.

As with February, March is an already-well-rhapsodized month here on Wofflings, but here are more pics of the things that Italy can do for one’s soul, anyway: as the weather got better and better, the Bogliasco Fellows took more and more excursions, and tried less and less to resist temptation.

(that’s my Bogliasco villa-mate, Doug, expressing how we felt about visiting the town of Camogli.)

San Fruttuoso:


The pleasure of digging into a bathtub of tiramisu, and helping oneself to as much as seems right/obscene:

Inside the mysterious, perfect, Viganotti chocolate shop, in Genoa:

One of my favorite people ever, friend and former Bogliasco Fellow SuperGavazza, comes to visit Bogliasco (and Joy listens):

Happy with the other Fellows:

Sad without the other Fellows (I was the last one to leave, and ate alone on my last night):

It was a pretty rough reentry to Prague after having been in an artist’s fantasyland: given how lovely Prague is, I know what a disgraceful jerk I seem like when I re-read my own whine, but I definitely went through a pretty nasty briar patch, not knowing what to do with myself next, or how to even begin to match the intensity of the highs I felt in Italy. Worry not, gentle readers. Eventually, a Woffle always finds the butter and syrup.


Monday, December 27th, 2010

Well. There’s not a lot to say about February’s highlights that I didn’t already say and show here, but here are a few more photos of my glorious six weeks in Italy, anyway. A couple of days in Milan and Turin to start and finish, with 5 weeks in and around the Liguria Study Center in between.

Standard tourist photos of Milan’s Duomo and Galleria (which is so, like, not, like, that Galleria):

Then on to Bogliasco, Genoa, and more achingly perfect food than I knew what to do with:

To be continued in March.

lookback: january/leden

Monday, December 27th, 2010

The highlight reel begins! My bro (er, sis) The Clam came to Prague! And she, the P and I took the midnight train to Georgia Budapest to ring in 2010. (side note: I’m mildly superstitious about New Years, and prefer to do something and be somewhere that will positively affect the year to come. So: thank you Budapest, for starting 2010 out on a good note.)

Incidentally, bunk bed train cars are really, really fun.

But no! The fun doesn’t stop there. The illustrious Sam Chanse also showed up, and the shenanigans in Prague continued:

Lady Chanse and I shot footage for what we refer to as The Greatest Film Ever, which I have referred to before and have even made a painting about but which remains not quite finished, a year later, although I have full confidence that I will complete it. (Hey, it took Brian Wilson a while to finish SMiLE, too.)

Meanwhile, Chanses trotted off to Berlin while the Clam, the P and I experienced the legendary spa town Karlovy Vary for the first time, where the converging lines continued and then tilted, and where the medicine tastes like Christmas in a bottle:

After starting off the year with houseguests and travel, I was both invigorated and overwhelmed, but it certainly set the pace for the year to come.  2010 was maybe not the most productive year for me professionally, but as far as experiencing and sharing the pleasures of getting to live and travel in Europe, hey: not so bad. At all.


Monday, December 27th, 2010

As always, the year is speeding up wildly to come quickly to a crashing halt, and I find myself morbidly compelled to reflect and document some portion of it before it disintegrates. As I’ve alluded to more than once, it’s been pretty rough going at many moments here in Prague: I’ve not shared too much of it, because really, who wants to read a whiny blog, and anyway, there have been so many instances of the marvelous this past year that I’ve been seriously reconsidering my whole “mopey” thing anyway.

The short version, of course, is that the P and I moved to Prague a year and a half ago, and I had to come to terms with the fact that for the first time as an adult, I suddenly had no friends, no career, no linguistic supremacy, and no particular wherewithal to figure out how to address these things (despite, of course, having come here of my own volition). I swanned about for way too long in an extraordinary city under extraordinary circumstances, not feeling particularly capable of pulling myself out of it. And now, just as I’ve finally gotten into a pretty nifty little groove here, I’m heading back to California in January for a few months (to teach spring semester at a few schools). I’m of course delighted to go home for a bit, but unless something highly unusual happens, I’ll be happily (!) back in Prague by late May. And, given that I’ve been, you know, reflecting on this past year, I’m finding myself really excited to be heading back to the Ceezy.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on gratitude lately: for all of the undocumented moping that’s gone on (and by the way, thank you, dear friends, who had to hear about it directly way too much), when I look back through the past year in photos, I have to concede that it’s actually been a truly amazing year. I’ll never get this series of posts published if I try to write it all out in detail, so I’ll just share a small selection of photos that are evidence to the fact that I had a great 2010, despite myself. Mind you, teeny selection still = hella, and with my caveat that sometimes it’s not about the photo being good in any aesthetic sense, rather, it’s about the moment being good and a camera being handy. OK. Proceed.