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Previously, on Wofflings

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

You know how 2-part TV shows always used to begin episode 2 with “Previously, on Falcon Crest“, and then gave a quick recap of what happened in Ep 1? I dunno: they probably still do that now, but I don’t watch much current TV, so I can’t be trusted on such matters.

Anyway, the “Previously…” feature was particularly handy growing up in Malaysia, where the the local stations (all 2 of them) generally showed imported TV shows in whatever order/season they felt like, so without those recaps, we’d have no idea what had happened the week before. Which is much like this blog. Well, Wofford’s plotline has been hither and thither, this way and that, for some weeks now, so this recap is as much to clear her head of the chaos as it is to fill your with it…

So. Here’s as compressed a version as I can give you of the past couple of months of scattered posting:

May 28: leave Bay Area for Czech Republic, move immediately to Brno. Lovely city, great place to adjust to a new culture, but Wofford’s internet access more or less confined to being a regular lurker in a local vegetarian organic food restaurant. So Woff gets her wegetables and her wireless for about an hour or two, but only every every day or two (so as not to seem too lurker-like at the cafe). Decompression/adjustment/culture-shock in full-effect, alongside trying to tie up loose ends long-distance in the US, and working on applications for various creative prospects here in Europe.

June 19: Wofford and the Pirate realize that the only truly tragic thing about Brno is its profound lack of full-on Middle-eastern food, and its apparent zero-hummus-tolerance policy. The quest for hummus leads to one of Europe’s great hummus cities, Vienna, for a weekend of hummus-ing. Um, and art and culture- experiencing, at places like the Kunsthistorisches Museum.
kh cafe2

June 27: The official move to Prague, into a bizarre, Matrix-like, very un-Prague-like, apartment compound. Temporary, teensy-ish digs for 2-3 months, but courtesy of Pirate’s employer (ie freee), so no complaints here. Also, 24/7 internet access at home. (AND Prague is absolutely stunning. And there’s hummus here, too!) Woff’s newfound fixation has nothing to do with 6 centuries of architecture: she’s utterly obsessed with the 1992 Žižkov TV tower. The view from it is lovely, but the view OF it is divine. And the interior decorating in the tower is the BEST!!! Like a Czech version of a Miami Vice/Madonna Inn hospital waiting room.

June 29: Another day of solo travel back and forth between Brno and Prague, shepherding luggage to its new location. Very warm long-distance buses + older Czech gentlemen who don’t bathe daily = you do the math. BTW, Woff is generally not a fan of bus travel as it is, as she gets easily bus-sick, so she can’t read or do anything (as opposed to on trains, where this is not an issue).
Photo 50

July 2: And away again! Planes, trains and automobiles to get to an unbelievably epic Nigerian wedding in Portofino, Italy and 4 days of all manner of affiliated shenanigans with the P’s far-flung international crew all reunited for the occasion. This, followed by Wofford swinging from train to train (7 total) for a day, to catch up with the elder Woffords who just happen to be travelling in Europe, anyway. Crazy, right? But the Woffords miss each other a lot, so they’re happy to find a reason to see each other. Woffords x 3 spend time travelling in Switzerland, also bickering over who gets to drive and who’s getting car sick through all sorts of gorgeousness in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland.
(last photo courtesy KSD-thanks, k!)
Switzerland cable car, Grindlewald:
Tha Dom, Epernay France:
Tourist photos and Belgian Woffles, Bruges Belgium:
Important Latin Phrase, Amsterdam:

July 14: Finally back in Prague, to settle in, at long last.
(Um, so most of you don’t know, but my friend and former colleague “Lyle” and I have a porta-potty fixation. Long story. As part of a way of collapsing the distance between us, we’re working on a new collaborative photo essay entitled “Porta-Potties Of The World”, where we just…send each other pictures of porta-potties, in lovely places. Sort of a “Just Thinking Of You” greeting card kind of thing.)

I can’t complain about any of the fun adventures of the past month, but I am at that point where I’m feeling substantially unmoored, and feeling very ready to get some structure back into this screwball life of mine…I basically still know no one in Prague, other than P and a couple of his colleagues, so it’s time to hustle and make some new friends. And I’ve got major moolah woes to boot, so, time to hustle and start working in earnest, too! Have just cranked out another application for something else here in Europe, have to finish my mail-art piece for this project that Christine Wong Yap has put together back in SF, have to start working on drawings and paintings for a fall show I’m in in Manila. Have to start contracting some freelance work (so if you kind folks know of anyone who needs illustration/design work done, send them my way) too, have to start taking proper Czech lessons in earnest now that the ground beneath my feet’s a bit more stable. Have to really get to know and appreciate all aspects of this city, finally!


Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Well, I’ve been on the move for an extended chunk of time, folks, so my apologies for all the blog laggardliness.  I’ve got travel and moving adventures coming up next post, now that I’m finally back in Prague after some extended hithering and thithering.

In the meantime, for your entertainment, here’s a new article that just appeared about me in the July 10 “Something Filipino” Magazine of the Asian Journal, courtesy of Malou Liwanag-Aguilar. Thanks, Malou!

(And how much do we LOVE that the article’s title is “Unravelling Jenifer Wofford’s Creative Mind“?
As if that’s not already a fait accompli! Ha! Ha! Unravelling, indeed…)