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Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Well, “winter” is sort of a lukewarm state at best, here in California. It’s definitely gotten colder these days, but after spending a few days in Philadelphia at the beginning of December, I think I have a keener appreciation for what east coasters like to call “real weather”. It snowed. My nose almost fell off. The cold permeated any and every layer I had on (which, being a delicate Californian, means I probably didn’t have the best kind of layers to begin with…)

The semester is over, grading is almost finished, and the holiday break is going to be nice and long. It was a great semester of teaching: my students were, by and large, awesome. Most of them rocked their final projects, which is always a delight to witness. And, despite the occasional discombobulation of teaching 3 new classes at 3 different campuses, I managed to hold it down pretty well.

My Market Street posters were due to come down yesterday : I wasn’t able to get over there to take a few more photos of them while they were still installed, unfortunately. I never even saw all of them myself! I feel really, really good about how the project turned out: lots of great feedback from folks who saw them, a nice review on, and generally just a good personal feeling about making some art that successfully coalesced several of my ongoing preoccupations (around greater public access to art, marginalized/filipina narratives, comics, and education).

My sis just finished her semester, too: she’s been toiling away, preparing to become a firefighter for a while now, and she just graduated from CCSF’s Fire Academy! I’m super-proud of her. She’s such a badass: it’s  the perfect gig for her.

Here’s to her getting hired soon, and hopefully somewhere local!

Work-life reality for me will hit in mid-January: given the fact that every school’s in cut-back mode due to the economy, I was able to secure only 1.5 classes to teach this spring. I’ll be sending out an email APB to friends and family around New Year, officially nosing around for work, but consider this the first unofficial “wofford wants work” communique. Send victims my way. My primary gigs are arts-related education/public speaking (lectures, panels, etc), art-making (hello, ongoing studio sale), and illustration/design (here), but I’m odd, so I like odd jobs, too: I’ve also consulted on college application essays (go Eden!), delivered priests to weddings (long story), substitute-taught (oy…) and taken photos. Big things are afoot in the 2nd half of 2009, I think, but I can’t get into that just yet: until then, I need to just hunker down and pay some bills.  And hang out at my favorite Longs Drugs.( While it’s still Longs Drugs, that is. Sigh.)