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couple of thoughts, couple of props

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Well, no real point about talking about the Presidential election (at least, not in California, where it’s pretty much a fait accompli for the Dems). There are a couple of propositions on the California ballot that are in very tight races, and it’s bugging me to the extent that I need to post about it.

Prop 4. If you can, please vote No.

I understand that this law is well-meaning in terms of wanting parents to be informed of their under-age daughter’s abortion, but it’s fundamentally flawed: it doesn’t protect girls or families at all, it truly puts them in more danger, if anything.

Having worked with teens for years, I can attest to how dangerous a law like this could be for a girl who’s living in an abusive family situation, where communication is already unsafe. And I’ve known friends and students whose own relatives molested/abused them: this law would force a girl like this into the worst possible situation imaginable, by requiring that she ask permission for an abortion from the very person who is abusing her. It really sickens me to think about this possibility.

Prop 8. If you can, please vote No.
I’ve never been all that enthusiastic about marriage for anyone, but quite frankly, one of my biggest objections  has been that it’s been a privilege for straight couples only. I might even consider marriage myself, were it more inclusive, but I’m sick of my gay friends being discriminated against. Banning same-sex couples from having the full rights of marriage is truly sad, and offering only the limited protections of domestic partnerships as a substitute is half-assed, at best.

Conservatives and religious groups have been funding the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign, using the same backwards, hateful, prejudicial rhetoric that was used before inter-racial marriage was nationally legalized in 1967 (hello: 1967!!!): “it’s unnatural”, “it’s not what God intended,” “it will tear this country apart”. I think that many different branches of my own family did a pretty good job of proving those attitudes about inter-racial marriage wrong: I’d love my gay friends to have the same opportunity to do that in my generation, as well.