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May 17: NWGRoHC Day

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Never a dull moment in my life.
Bring a friend. Bring a truck. It’s:

MAY 17, 11 am – 6 pm
Chez Wofford, Oakland

Swing by my house between 11 and 6 for a magnificent array of randomness for sale, for barter, or for free!
It will be cheap, and a chunk of it will go to a good cause (no, not me).

As I am an obstinate, illogical creature, I am about to attempt to sell my house again (let’s just forget about that 2005 debacle where I got 2 full-price offers on the house, then freaked out and decided not to sell) this summer, despite the exceedingly crappy market. My loss, someone else’s gain.

The house is truly great, but I have finally hit my wall with the obligations of home-ownership. It’s time to be free. So. Expect more posts about the house sale this summer, and my adventures in sluggish real estate. Selling will likely take some time, but the more of my clutter I can jettison the sooner, the better.
(This is how the living room looks when there’s not piles of ridiculous crap in it.)

Soooo, May 17, come help me out, and paw through all manner of treasure and ridiculousness!

The Small, Cheap Crap:
lots of books, art books and magazines. trashy novels. kitchen stuff. fake plants, fake fruit. CDs. wigs. clothes. shoes. costumes.
(Bay to Breakers is May 18. Think about it.)

The Slightly Less Small, Slightly Less Cheap Crap:
furniture, furnishings. A mandolin. A giant Willy Wonka head. the usual.
Original art (some of which has been posted on my ongoing studio sale, as well as a bunch of random sketches and scribbles that didn’t make the online gallery.) Refresher:

I’d just straight up give some of this away, but:
I want to donate a chunk of whatever I make selling stuff to the fund-raiser for Tiana Lyons.
It ALSO happens to be on Saturday May 17th, but in the evening.

If you didn’t already know about it, you can read about Tiana, and the fund-raiser for her, here:
Tiana’s event is from 6 pm on, in SF.
Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there, too!

For obvious reasons, I am not putting my address on the WWW, but email me/post a comment if you need directions.
Hope to see you Saturday!

Chez Wofflehouse, Oakland
May 17, 2008
11 am – 6 pm