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exchange rate be damned

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

For those of you who didn’t get the memo, I’m in Europe! And after 3 summers of easy, inexpensive travel in South-east Asia, I am now dealing with the painful sticker shock of how little the dollar is worth in Europe. I had a hot dog and a hot chocolate from a 7-11 in Copenhagen the other night, and it cost $10 US. Ouch.

Prior to Denmark, I spent a few days in London with my Manila friends Maria Taniguchi and Rita Nazareno, who are now living there. I also got to meet up with Laura McKinney, one of my former Leadership High School students, who’s working there for 6 months! Such a treat.

The weather wasn’t super-cooperative (except for the sunny morning when I left, natch), but I still managed to see some art, to enjoy being back in London, and to goof around with Maria and Rita. Those two totally spoiled me. Rita made spamsilog for breakfast one day! Spamsilog in London. Yesss.

Woff, Rita, Maria in West Hampstead:
And a wall I became obsessed with at a fun bar we went to called Trash Palace, in Chinatown:
I need that wallpaper like yesterday.

Maria’s just finishing up her first year in the MFA program at Goldsmiths: it was a treat to get to visit the campus studios, to see what she’s been working on, and to get a better sense of the young British art scene. We also visited her friend Lui Medina, another artist from Manila who was preparing for her own master’s graduation exhibition at the Slade. Mm, I am SO glad that I’m done with my degree. Also glad that I got my degree from somewhere outside the stressed-out fishbowl of the international art market. There’s some great talent here, but the pressure is intense!

Maria at Goldsmiths:
other Goldsmiths pics (this is Maria’s studio mate):

hallway with graphite “mural”:
Art schools are fun to visit.

After a mildly harrowing day of travel, getting my embarrassingly heavy luggage across half of London , a couple of airports, and a couple of train stations, I made it to Copenhagen Thursday evening.

One thing we don’t get on the California latitude is lovely long summer nights like more northern places do. It’s not even June 21 yet, but it doesn’t get dark in Denmark until about 10:30 pm or so, and then starts getting light again around 4 am. Even though I got in around 6 pm, I could still take a nice, long evening stroll around the city. Gorgeous! I’ll be coming back at least a couple times to see it more in-depth.
Got up the next day, checked out of the hotel, and then dragged my luggage onto a train for Jyderup, a mere hour away.
And Soelyst Artist in Residence Centre, where I’ll be for the next month, is not even a 5-minute walk from the station! Perfect.
I’ve been here a little over 24 hours, and I’m still rubbing my eyes, trying to process the loveliness and simplicity of it all. I’m not sure if I could be further from Oakland if I tried. I dragged my rolly suitcase across all the gravel (great comedy moment) to the main building here:
And was given a warm welcome, and then installed in my bedroom here (the open window):
I got here a little early, so I’ll get my studio space on Monday, I think.

There was a reception for Pastiche, Soelyst’s summer outdoor sculpture exhibition, so a nice little crowd of folks showed up in the evening (these pics were taken around 6 pm) for the event:

A lot of folks from the exhibition are staying at Soelyst through the weekend, so I’ve already met some other nice, talented artists.

I feel just total gratitude to be here, and to finally be able to relax, unwind, and start making art again without daily stress or distraction. It’s so quiet, and green, and lovely, I still can’t quite believe I’m here.
Look! I’m surrounded by trees! How crazy is that?
Wofford, stupefied by the loveliness, and grinning on the inside, big-time.

a tiana update

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

A couple days after the May 17 fund-raiser for Tiana, this email from her husband Leo came in:

What a night! And all because of YOU beautiful artists.

You raised $108,000 in about five hours. EVERYTHING sold!

There will be a catalogue from the show I have been told…and something else from me. Please forward this to other artists that you know contributed, but I don’t have their e-mail address and aren’t listed above.

Tiana is walking on air right now; feeling the love and generosity that you all have been sending her way. She feels well enough to swim and go on short hikes. Each week she feels a bit better.

Deepest gratitude and love is sent to all of you from us.


Tiana, Olive and Leo

intersection for the arts’ june 6 fundraiser

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

More art auction fundraising fun! I’m trying to tie up some loose-end posts from home, so as part of that quest, here’s my plug for Intersection for the Arts’ Annual Fundraiser.
Their preview gallery is up and running, so check it out.

I donated a satellite drawing I made a few years ago:

Transmission EQV 1, 2003
20.5″ x 16.5″ frame (18″ x 12″ image)
Ink and watercolor on paper

I’m not sure how the color looks on other monitors, but the satellite is a grayish-blue, on off-white/ivory paper.

Intersection’s 2008 Extravaganza,
Annual Fundraising Art Auction & Birthday Party

Friday, June 6, 2008, 7pm
$20 admission
(includes bid number for the auction and entrance to the party afterward featuring live DJs, music, food, wine, performances, and more)

Intersection for the Arts is located in San Francisco’s Mission District,
at 446 Valencia Street, between 15th and 16th Streets.

MFA, davis-style

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Well, in the midst of aforementioned mania, I neglected to rep for this awesome MFA show opening May 30. The lovely Lissa Ivy is featured in this exhibition: if you are in the Davis area, or better yet, if you get off your ass and make the drive out to Davis because you’re NOT one of those city-centric Bay Area types, you should really catch this exhibition.

six: 2008 UC Davis MFA Exhibition
opens May 30

on view May 30 – June 20

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm M-F, Sun by appt

It’s appropriate that artists aren’t categorized by medium at Davis. The search for proper tools is hardly simple, and it makes self-definition problematic. This group has wrestled with that challenge and created personal works that resist objective definition. This year’s MFA show illustrates the extent to which contemporary studio practice has
transformed conventional models.

Mary Alison Lucas’ sculptures insist on their physical presence, yet present an ambiguous surface to the viewer. Caroline Cloak’s architectural constructions extend that process of reception, incorporating the viewer’s performance in their confines, along with attendant memories and fantasies about space. In contrast, Lissa Ivy Tiegel’s collaborative approach focuses on origins and authorship, and lends a public character to intimate expression. Nickolas Mohanna’s works evoke a total experience of light and sound, while Irman Arcibal reduces such ambient experience to mute but expressive indexical traces. Chau Huynh’s paintings are also flags, multiple tokens of personal and national identity.

Opening receptions: Friday May 30

5-7pm at the Memorial Union Gallery
location: 2nd floor Memorial Union

6-8pm at the Nelson
location: Art Building, #124

7-9pm Reception for UCD First Years’ show
location: Pence Gallery in downtown Davis
Artist Information-LINEUP

Questions & Directions:

The Nelson

Directions to the Memorial Union Gallery
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Pence Gallery


Friday, May 30th, 2008

Coming up for air, at long last. Boy, is it nice.
I’m in Denmark now! More on that later, as I’m backlogged on posts from the past 2 weeks as it is.

June is the month where things slow back down to their proper pace: I’m now at Soelyst Artist in Residence Centre for the next 30 days, which will hopefully compensate for the utter mania of the previous few months. Nevertheless! The mania has had its moments.

I left the U.S. on May 24, and the week prior was sort of a blur of packing up the house, painting, grading, and selling crap on Craigslist. PLUS a flight down to LA to participate in a most excellent Galleon Trade panel at UCLA, organized by my #1 BFF GT co-conspirator, Dr Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns.

Lucy and the Reannimal in action:


It was wonderful to get the Galleon Trade re-launched. I have more posts about that shortly, in regards to another upcoming Galleon Trade exhibition! (As they say in Conan the Barbarian, “… And this story shall also be told.“)

Anyway. The panel was super-great, but what truly made my head spin was our after-panel meal at a new restaurant in LA that, for obvious reasons, is my new favorite destination in town:

A bazillion kinds of waffles! We even got to have a waffle sundae!

Man. Life is good.

OK. More on the Europe thing shortly. Just had to get the waffle/LA post out of the way.

It’s only right.


Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Well, Saturday’s moving sale was a bust, to say the least. Some good friends came by and swooped on a few goodies, but the grand total of visitors was somewhere around 10 people. Too many competing events that day, I guess. Still, it was great to visit with the folks that did drop by, and I did make at least a few bucks that ended up going towards the Tiana fund-raiser that night.

Anyway, I’m still left with a house full of no-longer-needed stuff that has to be dealt with ASAP, so I’ve moved on to phase 2, which is selling bigger items individually on Craigslist.

The choicest items currently posted:

Gigantic Gene Wilder-as-Willy Wonka head – $45 SOLD!

vintage metal table/stand-type-thing: on wheels, with fold-out – $20


4 drawer filing cabinet – $30


very pirate-y vintage wooden trunk/chest – $50


2 TVs-cheap! 1 for $15, 1 for $30, both for $40


4 cool, large wooden picture frames – $10

BIG bunch of books reallly cheap! – $30


And much, much more!
Er, way too much more.
I don’t know what to do about the Motel Cucaracha lamps, or the ceramic monkey on a surfboard, or the Barbies-with-eyepatches, or the box of bridesmaid dresses, or the family-size bottles of rum, or the ab-roller, or the crazy martini glasses…etc etc etc. Halp.

Behind Closed Dollaz

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Hey, don’t forget to come to my awesome non-garage “WGRoHC Day” sale Sat May 17.
And also don’t forget to catch the new show at the International Hotel:

It just opened May 10, so you’re free to swing by the venerable I Hotel gallery in the next month or two to check out Behind Closed Dollars, the latest show in their “Globalization: Response & Responsibility“-themed exhibitions! As you can see from the image below, Galleon Traderette Johanna Poethig is showing some of the work that came out of the Galleon Trade excursion from last summer. The auxiliary events look great, too. Check ‘em out.


Behind Closed Dollars
Exhibition: May 10 – July 19, 2008
Artwork by: Carl Angel, Lucien Kubo, Doug Minkler, Johanna Poethig, Shizue Seigel
International Hotel Manilatown Gallery
868 Kearny Street (& Jackson), San Francisco
Gallery Hours: TUE-SAT 1-6 PM
P: 415.399.9580

Auxiliary Events:
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 6:30-8:30 pm
Panel Discussion: Colonial Mentality
Based upon Felicia Perez’s MA project titled: Ancestral Healing:
Biracial Identity Confusion Among Filipino-Anglo Americans
Speakers: Felicia Perez, Leny Mendoza Strobel & others
Free, donation appreciated

Friday, June 13, 2008 7 pm
Film Screening: “Freedom Fighters”
w/ Director Johnny Cabaddu & Producer Wayie Ly
Scheduled Appearance: Yuri Kochiyama
Suggested donation: Sliding scale $5-10

Saturday, June 21, 2008 8 pm
Pagbabalik (Return) CD Release Party
w/ Aimee Suzara, Ron Quesada & special guests

For more information: or call 415-777-1130

More MFA Mayhem

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Wow, it’s so nice being on the receiving end of an email about UC Berkeley’s Master of Fine Arts exhibition this time around! This time last year, I was in the whirlwind of sending out those announcements, myself.

I’m sending good vibes in the direction of my friends in this year’s graduating MFA crew, since this is the culmination of two years of their blood, sweat and bears tears, and they deserve to have one hell of a celebration. Sigh: It seems like only yesterday that Rose, Sunny, Indira, Adrianne, Wenhua, Renee and Emily were the new cubs on the block, and now it’s already time for their big debut!
The opening reception used to be a “by invite” affair, but I think it’s changed. If you want in, call BAM just in case to make sure you can get in on May 16. There’s an artist talk on May 18 which all museum visitors are welcome to, however. At the very least, catch the show while you can…it’s only up for a brief period.

THESE CANYONS: The 38th Annual UC Berkeley MFA Exhibition
May 16-June 8
Berkeley Art Museum
2626 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA

may 17, evening

Monday, May 12th, 2008

So I thought I’d clarify a bit more about the Tiana Lyons fund-raiser that I mentioned in the last post, so’s you know where you need to go get your party on, and why, after NWGRoHC Day at my place:

Many of you know know Leo Bersamina. I’ve known Leo for over a decade. He’s an amazing artist and educator, with the loveliest wife (Tiana) and daughter (Olive) ever. In late March, Tiana was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Tiana is getting care, but the situation is extremely dicey. The family is in dire need of money for alternative medical treatments that aren’t covered by Leo’s health insurance and all the related costs (child care, counseling, supplements) that also aren’t covered. They only learned of the disease a few weeks ago and because of the late stage, timing is critical. We have to help them out, as quickly as possible. Olive is only 3, and she deserves as much time with her mother as she can possibly get.

You can learn more about what’s happening, as well as donate to their fund on their site here:

Please tell friends.
Please donate.
Please come to the event.
Please help out.
tiana and olive

“To Tiana With Love” Fundraiser Sat May 17th
3170 23rd Street b/w S. Van Ness and Shotwell
6pm — Cocktails and Silent Auction
8:30 — Live Auction
10pm Dance Party until 2 AM

Raffle and action events throughout, cash benefit bar $5. $20 door. Beach theme, goombay special cocktails, beer and libations. Get your flip flops on, and your checkbook out. We accept credit cards at the auction. Art, services, dinners, gift certificates and much more available at the auction. Join your community and help Tiana and her family rally in their time of need, and have a great time while doing it!

May 17: NWGRoHC Day

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Never a dull moment in my life.
Bring a friend. Bring a truck. It’s:

MAY 17, 11 am – 6 pm
Chez Wofford, Oakland

Swing by my house between 11 and 6 for a magnificent array of randomness for sale, for barter, or for free!
It will be cheap, and a chunk of it will go to a good cause (no, not me).

As I am an obstinate, illogical creature, I am about to attempt to sell my house again (let’s just forget about that 2005 debacle where I got 2 full-price offers on the house, then freaked out and decided not to sell) this summer, despite the exceedingly crappy market. My loss, someone else’s gain.

The house is truly great, but I have finally hit my wall with the obligations of home-ownership. It’s time to be free. So. Expect more posts about the house sale this summer, and my adventures in sluggish real estate. Selling will likely take some time, but the more of my clutter I can jettison the sooner, the better.
(This is how the living room looks when there’s not piles of ridiculous crap in it.)

Soooo, May 17, come help me out, and paw through all manner of treasure and ridiculousness!

The Small, Cheap Crap:
lots of books, art books and magazines. trashy novels. kitchen stuff. fake plants, fake fruit. CDs. wigs. clothes. shoes. costumes.
(Bay to Breakers is May 18. Think about it.)

The Slightly Less Small, Slightly Less Cheap Crap:
furniture, furnishings. A mandolin. A giant Willy Wonka head. the usual.
Original art (some of which has been posted on my ongoing studio sale, as well as a bunch of random sketches and scribbles that didn’t make the online gallery.) Refresher:

I’d just straight up give some of this away, but:
I want to donate a chunk of whatever I make selling stuff to the fund-raiser for Tiana Lyons.
It ALSO happens to be on Saturday May 17th, but in the evening.

If you didn’t already know about it, you can read about Tiana, and the fund-raiser for her, here:
Tiana’s event is from 6 pm on, in SF.
Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there, too!

For obvious reasons, I am not putting my address on the WWW, but email me/post a comment if you need directions.
Hope to see you Saturday!

Chez Wofflehouse, Oakland
May 17, 2008
11 am – 6 pm