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Seawall Lot 337

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Not much time until this event on Tuesday, but here’s the deal: Seawall Lot 337 is the 16-acre stretch of land immediately south of the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark, soon to be developed into a destination with shops, parks, entertainment, arts, housing and office building . The Chronicle just published this article about it.

Four teams have submitted plans to the Port of San Francisco in February to develop it: only 1 (Kenwood Investments) is authentically looking out for the sustainability of arts and culture, and as of last week, is just barely in the lead with its proposal. The Giants and their partners aren’t far behind, though: if you’re able to turn out this Tuesday to support ArtFirst SF (aka the Kenwood proposal), please do so!
While I don’t know all the details yet, I’m planning on showing up to learn more, and to support ArtFirstSF. Hello. The Giants don’t need more money, or more control of the city. And the Kenwood proposal actually provides for artists. And I’m tired of being a San Francisco-born artist who can’t afford to live in her own city of birth: the Kenwood proposal, as I understand it presently, might allow folks like me the opportunity to do so, among many other things. We’ll see what happens…

Location: San Francisco Ferry Building, 2nd Floor
Port of San Francisco (Embarcadero), San Francisco, CA 94111 US

Who: San Francisco Artists & Art Professionals who are interested in creating affordable art studio space in San Francisco and reinvigorating the culture of art that defines our great city.

What: The Port of San Francisco is evaluating four different proposals to develop a sixteen acre waterfront area next to AT&T park, the last major chunk of San Francisco’s waterfront on the Bay. The Port of San Francisco Commission now wants hear your opinion about the ArtFirstSF proposal, which has been chosen as the best development proposal by Port staff.

When: Tuesday, April 8th, 3:15 pm

Why: We support the creation of 170,000 square feet of studio space envisioned by the ArtFirstSF/Kenwood Development team!

Please come support the ArtFirstSF development proposal by attending the hearing this Tuesday and speaking your mind. We need to spark a public debate about the importance of nurturing and supporting artists in San Francisco.

Send a letter of support from you or your organization to the San Francisco Port Commission (ATTN: Commission President Kim Brandon, Pier 1, San Francisco, CA 94111, RE: Seawall Lot 337).

Please send to:
Bethany Fischer (BFischer at kenwoodinvestments dot com)

pics from barrio fiesta

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Super Barrio World: over and done! And the mixture of relief, exhaustion and melancholic withdrawal begins in earnest for all of the amazing USF students who put together and performed in this year’s Barrio Fiesta. I took so many photos Saturday night that I ran out of space on my card, and found myself frantically deleting older images during the perfomance in order to make space to take more.

The show was spectacular, and consistently lively. The audience was enthusiastic and rowdy: a fun mix of family, friends, and Barrio/USF/Kasamahan alumni all there to support, cheerlead, and catcall. The glitches were minor-to-invisible, which is something of a testament to how resilient the students were, given that they weren’t able to even rehearse in the theatre the two nights before the show! And Barrio was unusually, pleasantly economical as PCNs go (USF’s started on time at 7 and ended at 10, including intermission and opening act): often, these can become sprawling marathon affairs, stretching to 4 and even 5 hours.

I’m incredibly proud and awed by how dedicated these undergrads were: it reminds me of how so much extra-curricular work students do remains invisible to their professors, and how deep their sense of community, creativity and tradition goes. (Hell, I went to art school for my own BFA. While there was certainly creativity there, there was not much diversity, even less a sense of community, and nothing even close to resembling a PCN…) And while a number of students were doing this for some degree of credit with me, for the large majority of them, this credit was either absolutely useless for their major, or they weren’t even doing it for credit at all. They were doing it for other, deeper reasons. Mad props and infinite amounts of respect to all of them.

So, on to some pics.
singkil rehearsal:

skit rehearsal:
the pep talk before the performance:
And the show begins!
As is traditional, the show opened with the singing of the US and Philippine national anthems:
And then on to all of the fun dances and skits:

And then boom: it’s done!
Everyone took their bow,friends and family rushed the stage. I sat in the front row, in awe.
If you missed USF’s 35th Annual PCN, c’est la vie, as we say in Manila: you can always come to next year’s. And other local schools have yet to put theirs on for 2008, so you can still catch UC Berkeley’s 32nd Annual PCN on April 20, and SF State’s 40th Annual PCN on May 3.