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in like a wiener, out like a bun

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Hm. Wait. That sounded kind of wrong. Still working out my whole problem with “in like a lion, out like a lamb”, it appears. But I can’t help myself. The world must know about the hot dog revolution being birthed at 515 balboa street.

this just in from the good people and cats and art lovers and cyclists of frankenart mart:


Hot Dog Day
Sunday – March 9, 1 to 6pm
You know the drill – free beef and veggie hot dogs to all frankenart visitors.  Buy art while you can still afford it.  With the price of gas, and thus the frank, skyrocketing to new heights, you better come down soon to send some frankenmail or buy some currency-themed art.

Coin and Token Minting
Saturday – March 15, 1 to 6pm
We’ve got clay for you to make your own coin and/ or tokens, and Gina Lovoi (Ceramacist/ Boxer/ Aerobics Instructor/ Performance Artist Extraordinaire) has volunteered to fire them in her garage for us.

Frankenart Cycling Team’s First Ride
Saturday – March 22, Meet at 10 am at the mart
We’ll do the Conzelman Loop.  Helmets required.  Spandex a plus.

Patron of the Mart (POM) Internship Opportunity
Hard labor frankenart internships last for the duration of a show (3 months) and include a small stipend.  If you’d like to apply, simply email us with a brief tidbit about yourself and why you want to work with cats, hot dogs, and art.  Please put POM INTERNSHIP in the subject heading.  Applications for the next show are due by April 1.

Message from the Patron of the Mart: “This my first attempt at supporting the arts on a regular basis and beginning a life of criminal activity. Down through the ages, art patrons have done unspeakable deeds and profited by the work of others. I was born for this…Power is intoxicating and the thought of turning a young artistic type to the dark side is delicious.”

Keep on trucking everybody,

leslie, reuben and zeke
frankenart mart
515 balboa street