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emergency biennale drawings

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Still working out my metal detector fixation:
here are the two untitled drawings I made for the Emergency Biennale, which opens tonight. I spent some time on the EB website, and after looking over the amazing array of works contributed by other artists, it felt like I should really contribute some original drawings, made specifically for the shows. Metal detectors are such fraught objects: it seemed only appropriate to create images that contended with the nature of borders, security, restriction, passage, and flow.

Each drawing is an almost exact mirror of the other.
The “force” that flows between them meets at either edge of the paper, making a complete circuit.
The works can be installed either way, or individually.
The color is slightly off/pink-ish on these jpegs: they’re very simple black ink drawings (with a little bit of gray)
on plain white bristol paper. Each drawing is 14″ x 11″.
I’m unsure of whether they’re destined to be installed together or not:
in my mind, one functions as San Francisco (Oakland, really), and the other is Chechnya.
Emergency Biennale in Chechnya/World Tour:
Stop 10: San Francisco

On the occasion of the 2008 World Social Forum (WSF) , Emergency Biennale is sponsored by The Global Commons Foundation as one of the two public events organized in San Francisco. This will be the first presentation of the exhibit in the United States.

PLAYSPACE gallery, California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
January 26 th – February 9 th , 2008
Opening reception: Friday January 25 th , 6-9pm