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best. t-shirt. ever.

Friday, August 31st, 2007

I’m not much of a fashionista, but I do seem to have two growing collections of shirts that entertain me endlessly:

1. Shirts with built-in ties

2. Shirts with Filipino stuff on them

The end-all be-all of Category 2 right now is the shirt below. It’s even taken over the spots usually reserved for my vintage ‘Playboy Club of Manila’ polo, and my vintage ‘Ito ang Beer!’ San Mig ringer tee.



It expresses my feelings towards these two metropolises more succinctly than I could ever ramble on about on my own. ( The hater in me kind of wishes it said “NOT” instead of “MORE THAN”, but then, it’s not as if I really hate New York. I mean, it’s not its fault it’ll never be as great as Manila.)

Got it at a T-shirt stand in Robinsons’ Place, Ermita/Malate. I thought it was part of the T-Shirt Project collection (which is also endlessly entertaining, and full of painful puns a la Arcega, and made for some good gift-shirts), but it appears not. (The label says “Happy Days” as its brand, which got me nowhere with Google. Anyway, nice Filipino T-Shirt Person, wherever you are, thank you for designing this. You’re funny and awesome.)


I’m posting about my t-shirts now.

Stop me if this gets out of hand.