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En vacaciones

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

If I feel like blogging whilst on vacation, I might be able to detail the phenomenal, life-changing experiences almost everyone in Galleon Trade has experienced this week.

It’s been absolutely, achingly amazing: I’ll tend to the official business of GT on the GT blog, but here at Wofflings, I can blubber on a bit more about how this whole thing has been something of a dream come true, seeing artist-friends from Manila and California mixing it up, sharing work with each other, raising a little hell, and generally just cementing some bonds that were always there, underneath it all.


Maria Taniguchi and Mike Arcega outside of Green Papaya


The two Karlas (Louie and J. Karla Woff), separated at birth at Green Papaya


After the July 26th Green Papaya opening for Galleon Trade


Reanne and Romeo, separated at birth, p II (at the Mag:net Katipunan opening for Galleon Trade on July 28)


Mag:net Katipunan, July 28th


Reanne and Woff, innocent maidens


After the Katips opening, a number of our local artist-friends invited us over to Cubao X (nee Marikina Shoe Expo). Future Prospects, where I showed last summer, has been reincarnated as “Mogwai“, a cool new bar with an upstairs film screening room.




Maria Taniguchi and Woff at Cubao X

The next day, a crew of us rallied, and made it over to the Ayala Museum to check out the phenomenal model ships (and the special “History of the Galleon Trade” site). We were especially fond of the fact that they crown a “Boat of the Week” every 7 days.




Steph and Christine and BOTW


The Ayala Museum has the most fantastic series of dioramas depicting the history of the Philippines in miniature. I’ll post more of these later. It was especially fun going here with three sculptors.

Sunday night was the Salon at the Living Room, hosted by our hero, Carlos Celdran. A number of snacks and beverages were laid out: my contribution was two cans of Cheez Balls (’cause I’m cool like that). FYI, ladies and germs, Planters Cheez Balls are no longer available in the US (further evidence of our crumbling empire): they are, however, still sold overseas under the dubious and presumptuous moniker “Lady Liberty”.


Lady Liberty and Lady Imelda Marcos decoration, BFFs


The salon was well-attended: front left, you can see the wonderful Al Manalo, balikbayan fugitive extraordinaire.


And lastly, after many of the guests (and sadly, after Traders Johanna Poethig and Chris Brown) had slipped away, Syquia resident, photographer Juan Caguicla (white tee at left), took this rock-star photo of those of us still standing. Take that, Vanity Fair.

OK. That’s it for the moment. For what it’s worth, I’m blogging from Boracay Island at the moment, further evidence that borders are collapsing between all of my worlds, willy-nilly. Pirate and I have been catching up on some much-needed rest, and working our way through as many mango shakes as the day will allow. We’re coming back to Manila for one night, to catch the opening of Mawen Ong’s new gallery, MO_space, at The Fort, before scooting back out of town for a few more days. I feel like I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of recounting these Philippines adventures: prepare yourself for more to follow…


Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Yup, it happened.

We met her.

We shook her hand.

We talked Galleon Trade.

No joke.

We would not kid.


Jenifer at far left. Eliza at far right. thanks for the photo, romeo…

what I’ve been up to over here.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Gawd. Where to begin?

Sorry for the information blackout, kids. It’s been a little hectic, internationally speaking.


I left the U.S. on July 13, arrived in Manila July 15. Eliza transferred over to Malate from where she was staying with family in Quezon City, and after settling in, we began the process of preparing for Galleon Trade. The shot above is in Rizal Park, about a 15 minute walk from where we are.

We’re staying in Carlos Celdran’s Malate space, The Living Room, about a block from Roxas Boulevard. The sunsets are gorgeous, evening strolls along the waterfront are divine. We’re definitely in work-mode now, so it’s not quite the holiday I’m making it out to be, but it’s still gorgeous, and I love it, so I gotta give mention.




(You know you’ve reached the US Embassy on Roxas, when you hit the prison-like fence, and the Sentry guards are armed to the teeth.)


Got a custom-embroidered Galleon Trade visor: soo gangsta. Really.
Email me if you want me to pick something embroidered up for you.

So after a few days in Manila, I LEFT. For Malaysia, for my former student Sean’s wedding there. Utterly amazing: small Muslim Malay ceremony in Sean’s mom’s family home in Muar. Followed by an afternoon reception with heartbreakingly good Malaysian food. Followed by an evening dinner reception with more of the same, plus entertainment. Followed by an evening Indian-style weddding celebration in Shah Alam. Followed by an epic, final wedding reception at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.





Totally amazing, totally fun. Sean and Zuhra’s families were just the best, and the fact that there were a few other Leadership High school escapees there made all of the connections that much more fun. Little did I know 8 years ago when these guys were making my hair stand on end as a teacher, that I’d end up at a Malaysian wedding with them, all of us having the time of our lives…

Sunday, I ripped myself away from all the fun in Malaysia, and hustled my way back to the Philippines, where a whole truckload of Galleon Traders (Mike, Stephanie, Reanne, Megan, Johanna and Chris, Christine, Jaime, Claire) had arrived in my absence. Peewee of Green Papaya Art Projects hosted a welcome dinner for us that night.


Monday was installation with Rock and crew for the first Galleon Trade show, which then opened on Tuesday (last night):



And with that, I’ll direct you over to the Galleon Trade site, where there are a few more photos.

Today is Wednesday: this afternoon, a few of us are participating in a roundtable discussion at the University of Santo Tomas, so I need to get hustling on preparing for that. Gina Osterloh just flew in from LA this morning, which means the fellowship of the galleon is complete. She’s taking a recuperative nap, so we’ll work out the fun later. It’s also Christine Wong Yap‘s birthday (!!!!) which we’ll be celebrating with her here, so if you know her, send her a big Happy Birthday!!!

I’m feeling like things are squared away enough here to start posting again, so check back in. More mayhem and hijinks to follow!

Ship Launch! Pics

Thursday, July 5th, 2007


Patrick and Thea, hobnobbing


Pedro being Pedro


auction gallery


syjuco and wilson being cute at check-in


Hi. I’m Julie! I’ll be your cruise director tonight…


Anne breaking it down for the kids, Berkeley-style


Karolo in the gallery after dark

More Pacific Arts Exchange stuff

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

I just found out about this amazing conversation happening in LA this Thursday. I wish I could go, but I’ve got my hands full right now with, ironically, the kinds of stuff that will be under discussion! Please go if you’re able, and please take note of the cool cats who are presenting that evening! They’re movers. They’re shakers. Hubba.

ART2102 presents
Beyond Sunshine Quoi?: Connecting Parallel Universes
Thursday 5 July, 2007, 7pm
At Monte Vista Projects
5442 Monte Vista St. (at Ave 55), Los Angeles, CA 90042
For directions see

How can we share resources, create networks and develop opportunities for the exchange of ideas and projects internationally?

Instigated by Japanese curator Mizuki Endo, who is researching ways that alternative projects and spaces in LA can connect with similar ventures in Asia, this event is intended to open up a discussion that will form the basis of a publication on people and organizations wanting to create independent international networks.

Endo will present two alternative spaces he established in Fukuoka, Japan and Manila in the Philippines that highlight the different situations of the art system in Asia. He will be joined by Mauricio Marcin, an independent curator based in Mexico City, who will additionally talk about a range of projects that are currently operating in the metropolis. A discussion will follow, coordinated by Danny Orendorff, curator-in-residence at ART2102.

Beyond Sunshine Quoi?: Connecting Parallel Universes is the first event in the new season of ART2102 exhibitions and projects. Throughout the summer, fall and spring, artists, writers and curators from Israel, Lithuania, Japan, Mexico and the U.S will be presenting projects that place research and inquiry at the heart of art practice.

Previous Sunshine Quoi? Events
Part 1: Sunshine Quoi?: Temporary Contemporaries
Part 2: Sunshine Quoi?: Common Sense
Part 3: Mapping Sunshine Quoi?
For information on all of ART2102′s programming, see

Mizuki Endo is a curator, art critic and organizer based in Fukuoka, Japan. Through long-term research on cultural systems in the city, he has organized various projects such as exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, symposiums, and magazines, which raise awareness of the Do-It-Youself culture that underpins the cultural life of the city. He established two alternative art spaces in Asia; Art Space Tetra (Fukuoka, 2004) and Future Prospects Art Space (Manila, 2005.) He was awarded the 3rd Lorenzo Bonaldi Art Prize (2005), has been the networking curator of ”˜Singapore Biennale 2006,’ and is currently the recipient of the Japan-US Arts Program fellowship, with the Asian Cultural Council (2007.) He recently became the director of ARCUS, an international artist-in-residence program in Ibaraki, Japan.

Mauricio Marcin is an independent curator and writer based in Mexico City. From 2006-07 he was the Director of Celda Contemporanea, where he initiated a program of exhibitions that placed emphasis on the reinterpretation and reevaluation of artists’ practices during the 1960s and 1970s, focusing on artists who were pioneering in performance art, video art, and non-objective art in Mexico. Marcin’s last exhibition for this series was a retrospective of Juan José Gurrola, one of the most influential Mexican artists in the past four decades. From 2004-6 Marcin was visual arts journalist for the newspaper La Crónica de Hoy. He has also published articles and essays in magazines such as Curare, Fahrenheit, Generación and others. Currently he is developing Virus, a project which involves commissioning 40 artists, musicians, composers and writers to make a sound work, which will be broadcast as interventions into the regular programming of Ibero 90.9FM, a major radio station in Mexico City.

Danny Orendorff is an independent curator, researcher and writer currently living in San Francisco, California, pursuing a M.A. in Curatorial Practice at the California College of the Arts. He has assisted on projects and exhibitions occurring at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Phoenix, Arizona; SFCamerawork in San Francisco, California; and at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, California, where he will be co-teaching a course on ”˜Digital Culture’ this Fall. Orendorff is also Project Manager for a traveling exhibition of artist source materials, the backroom. His research interests revolve around crowds, behavior and the introduction of live-elements into exhibition, including Performance, dance, experimental music and architecture, as well as digital, net-based or New Media artistic practices.

Monte Vista Projects is a new artist-run space in Highland Park that will stage regular exhibitions, conversations, events and performances. Their inaugural show First Kiss will open on Saturday, July 14 from 7pm-10pm. Visit for more information.