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back on board the good ship

Monday, June 18th, 2007

OK, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. My muppet reverie has had to take a backseat once more to the mighty Galleon….

Can I tell you, I’m all blogged out right now? It’s 2:30 am, and I have spent the better part of last week and this weekend and this evening pulling together the online preview gallery for the June 30 Galleon Trade: Ship Launch! party.

It’s looking pretty great, I think, but DANG, is it a pain: lots of files to sort out, lots of artists to chase down for info. I’m not one to judge, since I’m usually the artist turning in her forms at the last minute, but still: it’s tough! Sooo… I’m learning how to be an administrator/ sheep wrangler the hard way. Emails, organizing files, yada yada yada. And WordPress has some weird glitchy HTML thing that made it much harder than it should have been to format the galleries, and since I, uh, know nada about HTML, tonight was a painfully slow dip into learning on the fly…

Anyway, snore, snore. Enough whining. Here’s the good news. The work that’s been donated thus far for Ship Launch is So. Frickin. Good. I’m seriously so honored that folks have been so generous with the art that they’ve donated: some of the projects are so wonderful that I’m cranky I can’t afford to participate in the auction myself. The works are smart, funny, mysterious, technically gorgeous. And I’m not just saying that. It’s really pretty amazing.

I’m still gonna be updating the auction items all week, but you can preview the first 3 galleries (artists broken into groups of 10) here:

Auction Gallery 1-10:
1. Mike Arcega
2. Amy Balkin
3. Lindsay Benedict
4. Ali Dadgar
5. Renee Delores
6. Reanne Estrada
7. Michael Hall
8.Kara Hearn
9. Jesse Houlding
10. Misako Inaoka

Auction Gallery 11-20:
11. Bill Jenkins
12. Susanna Kwan
13. Kenneth Lo
14. Joe McKay
15. Mail Order Brides/M.O.B.
16. Julio Cesar Morales
17. Indira Morre
18. Domingo Nuño
19. Gina Osterloh *2 works
20. Johanna Poethig

Auction Gallery 21-30:
21. Carlo Ricafort
22. Michael Salamida
23. Megan Wilson *3 works
24. Jenifer Wofford *2 works
25. Christine Wong Yap *2 works
26. Favianna Rodriguez *2 works 

There are a whole raft of other folks who have confirmed that they’re donating, so I’m just waiting on their info. There will be about 40 works altogether very shortly. Stay tuned…as for me, it’s time to de-tune. I gots to get some sleep. Whew.