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Thursday, May 10th, 2007

If you’re an MFA, or know one, or love one, be kind to us right now. We’re weary. Lumbering ever-closer…by this time next week, Fermata will be installed, my job interview will be over with, and I will be working on the website related to my thesis project (more on that later). Perhaps I’ll even find a minute to pamper myself before Friday’s festivities.

Speaking of which… it’s almost too perfect. The official speaker for the Department of Art Practice 2007 Commencement Ceremony is Brett Cook (Dizney)! While I’ve never gotten to meet Brett, I feel as though his presence has loomed large with me since my first day of art school, way back in 1993.

Having spent some time at community college first, I transferred as a junior to the San Francisco Art Institute. On our first day of orientation, we were ushered into the lecture hall, where we were shown a whole mess of inspiring work which started me thinking about public art and community art in ways I’d never experienced before. Sigh. so young, so green.

Dizney’s work really struck me back then, but our paths never crossed. He moved out of the area, I think, but I remember walking into his open studio at the Headlands Art Center when he was in residence there in 2004: I didn’t talk to him, but I recall just really reveling in the warm, inviting atmosphere and energy he’d created in his space.

Brett’s done so much collaboration and public work, and seems to have a work philosophy I can totally get behind. And it’s also so nice to have an artist of color as our final speaker, putting a very nice period on the end of my two-year sentence. Apparently Brett received his BFA from Berkeley, which has much to do with the invitation to speak. Welcome back, Brett. It’s an honor.