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If you’re in or around Irvine…

Monday, April 16th, 2007

…and you aren’t already Gina Osterloh (or her MFA cohort), then by all means catch her/their UC Irvine MFA Thesis Exhibition, which opens April 26!

I didn’t know Gina’s work super-well until recently, but I’ve absolutely loved what I’ve seen in the past year. You can find her work on Uber, that site I wrote about a couple of posts ago. Gina is part of the Galleon Trade barkada, of course, a-a-and (dun-da-da-dunn) was just awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to the Philippines! Congrats, Gina!

(Mua-ha. That’s one less MFA to compete with for those waitressing jobs, come June…)

See, she’s so happy:02_osterloh_untitledturquoiseroom2.jpg
Untitled (Turquoise Room)2, 2006/07

The 2007 UC Irvine MFA Thesis Exhibition
MFA Thesis Exhibition Group 1 (Gina’s group!)
April 26 – May 11, 2007
Reception: Thursday, April 26, 6-9 pm

MFA Thesis Exhibition Group 2
May 17 – June 1, 2007
Reception: Thursday, May 17, 6-9 pm

University Art Gallery, UC Irvine
712 Arts Plaza
Irvine, CA 92697”“2775 35
Gallery Hours: Tues”“Sat 12”“5 pm
ph. 949-824-9854