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more post-easter death and resurrection fun

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

The Easter-related resurrection shenanigans keep on resurrecting…

Pops Woff emailed a couple more photos from Easter. These aren’t staged–they’re just typically surreal moments in the Wofford clan’s lives. We were seeing off the last of family on Sunday afternoon (Easter was at Mere and Pere Woff’s this year), when I decided to sprawl out on the warm walkway and balance a lemon on my face.



What’s interesting about the photo Mom Woff took is not the large citrus on my face, but the uncanny resemblance her composition takes to one of my favorite Edouard Manet paintings, “Dead Toreador“:


Now what makes this even weirder is that I sent (or so I thought) a few of my nurse drawings off to a show in Hawaii that my friend Trisha Lagaso Goldberg curated. I had emailed her jpegs of the work in advance. The one that she just chose for the postcard invite without telling me was this:




…which of course, was my “homage to Manet” toreador nurse.

Now, here’s where we get into the whole “death and resurrection” portion of today’s entertainment:

The person responsible for transporting all of my drawings from SF to Hawaii LOST them.

They’re gone.

Said person has very graciously offered to pay for all lost drawings, but this doesn’t resolve the dilemma that the image being used for the show postcard was one of the lost drawings…

Needless to say, Trisha and the unnamed messenger are aghast and apologetic, I’m dismayed and distressed. It’s a curator’s and an artist’s worst nightmare, but luckily we are friends and can deal with this appropriately, and the person responsible is actually taking responsibility. Considering the things I’ve lost in my lifetime, I am as compelled to be understanding as I can be: there but for the grace of God go I (dang, this is a hella biblical post!).

The main pain is that I now have to re-generate, or rather more appropriately, resurrect, the missing toreador nurse. It’s a damn good thing I had a digital file of it to use as a reference: it feels weird to re-make an identical image, but in many ways, I have such a long-standing sentimental attachment to this nurse, and her source material, that it just seems right to re-do it.

Next year, it’s all about Passover instead…