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Even Bindlestiff-er.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Frankus just emailed me a few more incriminating pictures from the Bindlestiff panel discussion last week. I just saw Reno 911: Miami the other night (aside: early Oscar contender!!), and all I can say is, “Don’t hate, ladies…don’t hate…”: being in your thirties is every bit as good as we make it look.



Our mamas raised us right.

case study in why Mr F adores/fears we Filipinas…

But back to Reno 911. Why have I never seen this show before going to the movie theater (besides not watching TV or having cable, I mean) this weekend?

I came to it with an outsider’s fascination, so I was completely captivated. It was far more satisfying for me as a semi-improv comedy piece than, say, Borat: comparably healthy levels of obnoxious tastelessness/ unpredictable stream-of-consciousness surreality/ infantile humor, but Reno 911 really nailed a number of little (dare I say subtle?) details that I really appreciated. There was something in the cadence and banter between the cops, their conversational quirks and group (psycho)dynamics, that just delighted me to no end. I think I also appreciated the relative gender balance in a comedic ensemble: the women of the cast got a healthy amount of camera-time, which was nice.

Perhaps if I were more cultured, I’d be better apprised of the wealth of female comics out there, but since I’m usually under a rock somewhere, the rock prevents me from being in the loop. (Yeah, yeah, the old “rock/loop” excuse.) I’ve watched my DVDs of Amy Sedaris’ “Strangers With Candy” countless times. I enjoyed Sarah Silverman’s “Jesus Is Magic.” There are a couple of Bay Area women (Sam Chanse, Ali Wong) who do stand-up comedy that, conceptually, I’m a huge fan of. (I’ve never actually seen them perform, but that’s beside the point. I think they’re great.)

As it turns out…Bindlestiff Studio, in solidarity with women around the world, has an upcoming show entitled “The Fountain of Youth is a 16 Ounce Jar of Vaseline,” which pokes fun at the value of youth, monogamy, and hormonal imbalances. Principle writers include Gayle Romasanta, Samantha Chanse, Lorna Velasco and Rhoda Gravador, with performances by Aureen Almario, Andrea Almario, Kat Evasco, Maggie Suarez, Nicole Maxali and Jamie Nallas. It runs on weekends, March 15-31. I’m planning on checking it out: if anyone wants to go with, lemme know…